My Favorite Murder

The Podcast My Favorite Murder is Addicting, Informative, and Refreshingly Blunt


I love, love My Favorite Murder. I’ve never liked podcasts before; none of them ever clicked with me. I was recommended MFM by my friend Erin (one of the few people who have always shared my interest in the weird) and I’m so grateful she did.

The two hosts/creators of the show, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark , feel like friends that you always wished you had. They can be hilarious, but they’re also very direct in their conversations about murder and the possible reasons behind them (although often there isn’t one to discover, evil isn’t easy to explain/rationalize).

One of my favorite things about their podcast, besides the obvious stories of serial killers and strange murders, is their segment called “Hometown Murder” where fans share their own personal stories of murder and general strangeness. It’s often incredibly creepy and it also feels like a community; we all have our own hometown story to tell.

Tip: Start listening to them from their beginning. I made the mistake of jumping into random episodes and it took me awhile to really get in the groove of things.


Elizabeth WebbComment