Today’s spotlight is on Gaston!

I decided to get Gaston about a week after I lost my mom. (Probably not the best time to be buying a pig.) I knew she had always wanted a pet pig. She had loved the movie Babe which was out of character for someone who loved a good war movie or just a good movie in general. On birthdays throughout the years, I would often buy her little pig figurines or stuffed pigs. Junk basicallly.

But the best kind.

Gaston loves life at the cabin, specifically the large lawn of edible grass. He can be exhaustingly stubborn and when he’s mad at you, he’ll let you know it. But he is a sweetheart deep, deep, deep down. It’s not all bad though.

Gaston is absolutely adorable when he is making his bed at night (he loves his blankets.) He can also be surprisingly sweet and loves to wag his tail. Pigs are much more intelligent than dogs; yet he blends right in with ours. He loves to have his spacious belly rubbed and of course he loves food. He doesn’t like cilantro or cabbage though. Go figure.

Elizabeth WebbComment